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Marriage Registration in China

Updated: 08 /01 /2003

The applicant who will go to China for marriage registration shall apply for a single/non-marital status certificate. Legal marriage age in China is 22 or older for male and 20 or older for female.

Procedure for obtaining a single/non-marital status certificate

  1. Affidavit of Single Status, signed before a notary public.
  2. Certified  by the Secretary of the State Office of the state where the document is executed.
  3. *Some states require the notarized document to be sent to the notary public's county clerk for verification before presenting to the Office of Secretary of State. Please contact Secretary of State Office of the state where your document is executed for details.
  4. Certified by the relevant Consulate General. You must apply to the correct Consulate General which holds consular jurisdiction over your area of residence. The Consular District of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston covers: Alabama, Arkansas, Flordia, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas. Only documents certified by the Secretaries of State Office of the above listed 8 states (Click Here for Their Contact Information) can be certified by the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. 

Documents to be included with applications:

  1. One Authentication Application Form (G1), completed and signed by the applicant himself.
  2. Photocopy of applicant's passport.
  3. The original and photocopy of the notarized and Secretar of State certified Affidavit of Single Status.

Fees and processing time
  1. The authentication fee of $20 is payable by Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Company Check or Cash.
  2. Personal checks are not acceptable. Please make the check payable to Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate.
  3. For mail service, an additional 5 dollars PER PACKAGE for handling will be charged. Make sure you read Mail Application Instructions.
  4. The regular processing time is 4 working days. For express service, additional fees of $30 for 1 working day processing, or $20 for 2-3 working days processing will be charged.

Additional information

  • The divorced or the widowed shall have the divorce certificate or death certificate of the ex-spouse be certified/authenticated together with the Affidavit of Single Status.
  • The divorced whose ex-spouse is a Chinese citizen, and who hold the divorce decree executed by the US court, shall apply to the Chinese court for the acknowledgement of the divorce decree.
  • According to the Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, the minimum marriageability age is 22 for men and 20 for women.





On this date of  _________________, I,    (name of affiant) ,

residing at (street and number)  (city)  (state)      (zip code)  


I was born on   (date)   at   (city)    (country)      

I am a (country) citizen. My passport number is           

I am a  (current occupation) . I am employed by (company name and address)                                     

I am currently single, have never been married (or was divorced/widowed on   (date)      and have never been remarried since that date).

Signature of the Affiant: _______________________________

Name in Print:________________________________________


(For the Notary Public)

Subscribed and sworn to before me by (name of affiant)  on this____day of ________________.

Contact Information of the Secretaries of State of
(For Reference Only, Subject to Change)

Office of the Secretary of State
Authentication Section
State Capitol, Room E-204
600 Dexter Ave.
Montgomery AL 36104
Tel: 334-242-7210

Office of Secretary of State
Corporations Division or Elections Division
State Capitol, Little Rock AR 72201
Tel: 501-682-1010

Department of State
Division of Corporations/Apostille Certification
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314
Tel: 850-245-6945

Office of Secretary of State
Elections Division, Suite 1104 - West Tower
2 Martin Luther King Jr.Drive SE
Atlanta GA 30334
Tel: 404-656-2871

Office of Secretary of State
Commissions Division
P.O. Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Office of Secretary of State
P.O. Box 136
Jackson, MS 39205

Office of Secretary of State
P.O. Box 53390
Oklahoma City, OK 73152

Different address applies to different application
Please call or visit web site for detailed information
Tel: 512-463-5705/5650/5578