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US preschool education enters China
www.chinanews.cn 2005-08-12 13:41:06
Chinanews, Beijing, Aug. 11 (By Yan Xiaohong) - How to scientifically carry out early childhood education has become an unavoidable challenge for parents, the education cycle and the whole society in China. Committed to the basic rational concept "Use Science to Embody Love, Let Children Create Future," Donald Children Education Institute from the US has brought with it fresh air into China's early childhood education field.

Reporter learned from Donald Children Education Institute's first model kindergarten in China that this kindergarten distinguishes itself from traditional Chinese education in that it does not focus on a single educational characteristic, but pursues comprehensive development of a child, body and mind. In accordance with the principle of intelligent development, the kindergarten opens 11 special lessons and seeks comprehensive development of children's personality, intelligence, physical conditions and aesthetic tastes by way of giving them chances to practice and live up what they have learned in class.

The age of zero to six is the enlightening stage of life. Researches indicate that 70% intelligence development is completed by six. Donald Children Education Institute is an important branch of Donald Education Institute of America, a leading educational and theoretical research institution in the world. During sixty years of development, it has established a complete education and operation system. With both theoretical system and professional practice standards, the kindergarten has transformed conceptual and perceptual preschool education into explicit, specific and rational standards to ensure all-round scientific development for every child in the kindergarten and give them a perfect beginning for their lives.

This model kindergarten of Donald Children Education Institute located at Chaolai Green Garden in Beijing's Chaoyang District has completed construction and will soon be opened. Experts with the kindergarten believe that Donald Children Education Institute will bring China's education field salutary inspirations in terms of preschool education.

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