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China, US sign agreement to enhance travel, tourism cooperation


China signed an agreement with the United States Monday in Washington to promote bilateral travel and tourism cooperation.

The agreement was signed by He Guangwei, visiting Chairman of China National Tourism Administration, and Grant D. Aldonas, Under Secretary of International Trade Administration of US Commerce Department.

Under the agreement, the two countries will support the development and the establishment of an environment that facilitates two-way travel, both individual and group travel, that is free of unnecessary restrictions and violations relating to each country's immigration concerns, regulations and laws.

Both countries will seek to ensure that governmental and/or non-profit travel and tourism related entities are able to establish offices or locate representatives to promote travel and tourism in the other country's territory.

Meanwhile, visits and the promotional activities of tourism organizations, tourism enterprises and groups to the countries in compliance with their immigration laws and policies will be facilitated.

The agreement will enter into force on the date of signature and remain valid for a period of five years.

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