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Former President Bush 41 Congratulates China's National Day

On September 21, President George Bush sent a congratulatory letter to Consul General Gao Yanping as follows:

Dear Ms. Consul General,

Barbara and I are checking in from Maine to welcome you to our hometown of Houston, Texas. We have no doubt you will find that Houston is an exciting city and Houstonians are truly wonderful, generous folks. We wish you great happiness and success in your new post.

We also send our very best wishes as you celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The strides China has made in sixty years are nothing short of remarkable; and as we look to the future, I believe the Chinese leadership will continue to be committed to economic and political reforms.

Barbara and I look forward to meeting you and we send you and all our friends at the Chinese Consulate our warmest regards.


George Bush


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