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Important Notice (A Must-Read for Applicants)



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Queuing & Security Check

1. Applicants are required to go through security check before entering the Passport and Visa Office (hereinafter referred to as Visa Office). Cell phone calls, taking photographs, videotaping are prohibited at the lobby.

2. The office hours of the Visa Office: 9:00 am - 11:30 am; 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

3. There are usually more applicants on the first two days following holiday closure. What's more, the number of applicants peaks on Monday and Friday. Applicants are suggested to find a suitable visit time.

4. Visa Office is open to applicants ONLY. Security guards are entitled to deny irrelevant visits.

5. Applicants for visas, authentications, living certificates, do not need booking appointments in advance.

6. Please maintain order at the lobby of Visa Office. The security guards are rightfully entitled to take away from the scene those who make public disturbance at the lobby and cause inconvenience to others.

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Queue Waiting Management

1. There are 6 windows at the lobby of the Visa Office. Their functions are listed as below:

Window #1, visa and authentication applications by travel agents only

Window #2, payment and pick-up

Window #3 and #4, applications for passport and travel documents by Chinese citizens, notarization by Chinese passport holders, Living Certificates.

Window #5 and #6, visa and authentication applications by individuals

2. Applicants are required to wait in line at corresponding window or follow instructions by the consulate staff.

3. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

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Submitting an Application

1. Please note that acceptance of your application does not necessarily lead to the approval of your visa. The final decision will be made by the consuls in charge according to the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

2. We reserve the right to return application documents to applicants if documents are incomplete or not in order.

3. We reserve the right to deny application by those who behave in an unreasonable manner, make public disturbance and cause inconvenience to others. In some cases, the security guards are authorized to take the applicant away from the scene.

4. Visa and authentication applicants may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to submit application at the Visa Office on their free will. However, applicants must sign on the application form in person. In above-mentioned cases, the Visa Office will not bear responsibilities should any troubles or inconveniences occur. Applicants are also required to come if the Visa Office asks for an interview.

5. For visa applications, the Visa Office only accepts the 2013 edition of the "Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China". The application form must be completed by a computer and should be clearly and completely printed out. Incompletely filled-out forms, hand-written or altered forms are not accepted. Security guards will check application forms. For more information and downloading, please visit: http://houston.china-consulate.org/eng/vp/12345/

6. For photo requirement for Chinese visa application, please check out details and examples here. Application with non-compliant photo will not be processed.

7. For legalization, the Visa Office only accepts the 2017 edition of the "Application Form of Consular Legalization of the Embassy/Consulate of the People's Republic of China". The application form must be completed by a computer and should be clearly and completely printed out. Incompletely filled-out forms, hand-written or altered forms are not accepted. Security guards will check application forms. For more information and downloading, please visit: http://houston.china-consulate.org/eng/vp/12345/.

8. The Visa Office will take punitive action on applicants or agents that provide fake application documents.

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Rush (Same day) and Express (2-3working day) Service

1. Urgent (same day) or express service (2 - 3 working day) visa will only be issued out of humanitarian considerations, that is, urgently visiting a critically ill relative or attending the funeral of a relative in China. In addition to invitation letter and two-sided ID photocopy of the inviter, applicants have to provide proof of kinship with the inviter, air ticket booking record as well as critically condition notice or death notice issued by hospital. The documents mentioned above may be in the form of original, fax, photocopy or computer printout.

2. Urgent service and express service are available for authentication. Applications are required to submit before 11:00 am each day for same day service.

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1. If application documents are in order, visas/authenticated documents can be picked up on the 4th working day after submission.

2. In most cases, pick-up date is indicated on your pick-up form. Please collect visa/documents on the date as directed. For those applicants whose pick-up dates are not indicated, the Visa Office will make phone calls to them when their visa/documents are ready or applicants may self-check the process as directed by the consulate staff.

3. Instead of coming in person, applicants may ask others to pick up visas/documents with the original copy of pick-up form, which is the only recognized certificate for visas/documents pick-up.

4. If the pick-up form is lost, applicants must come in person with a photo identification card such as ID, driving license or birth certificate. If applicant is unable to come, he/she has to issue a notarized letter of authorization.

5. Please check your visa/documents in detail before leaving the lobby. If you find any errors such as name, date of birth etc in the visa/documents, please request for corrections at the windows.

6. Issuing visas is an expression of a country's sovereignty. It is the international practice that the issuance of visa, including the category, entry times, validity period and duration of stay, is decided by the consuls, not at the request of applicants. Applicants may not argue for alteration when visa does turn out not what they asked for.

7. Applicants should pick-up their visas/documents on time. Visa/documents remain uncollected over 90 days will be disposed as unclaimed documents.

8. The Visa Office does not provide mail service (except living certificate). Please do not mail application documents to us.

9. The Visa Office provides mail-back service for authorization (not for visa). It requires the applicant to provide a money order (the authorization fee plus $5 for mail service) and a pre-paid envelope while submitting the applications.

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1. Living Certificate is free of charge and can be picked up on site. For other applications, applicants should pay upon collection.

2. Applicant who comes to pick up, please proceed to window 2 to pay and pick up your visa/documents.

3. Please pay by Credit Card (Visa or Master card only), money order, cashier's check. Cash or personal check is not accepted. Please make check or money order payable to "Chinese Consulate General in Houston".

4. For your convenience, please find a list of nearby grocery, bank, pharmacy or post office where you can buy money order (reference only):

Kroger supermarket (3300 Montrose Blvd Houston TX 77006, 07:00 - 07:00) 

Chase Bank (3403 Richmond Houston TX 77046,09:00 - 18:00) 

Walgreens (3317 Montrose Blvd Houston TX 77006,12:00-12:00)

Post Office(1319 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006,9:00-17:00)

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Our Facilities

1. There are water dispenser, self-service photo booth ($10 per time, accepts credit card and ten dollar bill) and self-service photocopier ($0.50 per page, please prepare quarters and one dollar bill) at the lobby of the Visa Office.

2. There are restrooms at the lobby.

3. The Visa Office provides free Chinese and English magazines at the lobby. Magazines can be taken away unless otherwise indicated.

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1. The main entrance of Visa Office is located at 3417 Montrose blvd Houston, TX, 77006, facing Harold Street.

2. The Consulate-General does not provide parking for visa or document applicants and visitors. Please park your car on the roadside with the awareness of the traffic sign.

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Other matters

1. The inquiry hot line of Visa Office is 832-240-3780,open from 9:30am to 11:30am, 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday. The line is usually busy with lots of inquiries. For information regarding visa or authentication, you are strongly recommended to visit our website before giving us a call: http://houston.china-consulate.org/eng/vp/

2. Applicants may also write email to OfficialVisaHouston@gmail.com. This email box is for passport, visa and authentication applicants only, not for other purposes. The Visa Office will not reply to questions that are already clarified on the website.

3. The People's Republic of China currently maintains 1 embassy and 5 consulates-generals across US. Each mission holds jurisdiction over specific states or territories. The Chinese consulate general in Houston holds jurisdiction over the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Applications from states other than listed above will not be accepted. For further information, please visit http://houston.china-consulate.org/eng/vp/t53292.htm

4. Neither Chinese Embassy nor consulate-generals in US provide marriage registration service.

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