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Joint Nano School Founded

Not long ago, a College of Nano Science and Technology, jointly established by the University of Science and Technology of China and University of California, Berkeley, was inaugurated in Suzhou. HOU Jianguo, the University of Science and Technology of China President, WANG Hongsheng, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, and Richard Mathies, Dean of UC Berkeley College of Chemistry, were present at the ceremony. The Nano College will enroll its first batch of 158 full-time graduate students this year, working on six majors, including nano-medicine, nano-chemistry, nano-devices, nano-energy, nano-environment, and nano-catalysis.

China's First Target Aircraft Launched

At 21:16 September 29, 2011 (Beijing time), China successfully blasted off its first target aircraft named Tiangong-I aboard a CZIIFT1 launch vehicle, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The unmanned space module is 10.4m long and 3.35m across, allowing a take-off mass around 8.5 tons. Designed for a 2-year in-orbit life, the target aircraft is made up of an experiment module and a resource module. The CZIIFT1 launch vehicle that launched the space module is 52m long with a take-off mass at 493 tons and a carrying capacity of 8.6 tons. Equipped with a novel fairing and an improved booster structure for enhanced carrying capacity, the launch vehicle is an improved model built on CZIIF, without escape system.

Chinese Scientist Won 2011 Lasker Award

September 23, 2011- TU Youyou, a lifetime fellow of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was honored with the Lasker Clinical Research Award, in recognition of her discovery of artemisinin - a new drug that can be used to treat malaria. This is the first time for a Chinese scientist to be honored with the Lasker Award. TU and her collaborators started to work on artemisinin since the 1960s. Inspired by an ancient Chinese literature, TU found artemisinin, and made it a new drug to treat malaria, benefited more than hundred million people in the world. An artemisinin-based combination drug has become a standard malaria treatment plan. The World Health Organization has made artemisinin part of its Essential Drug Catalog.

Three Research Centers for Large Aircraft Engine

AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd. announced on September 19, 2011 that it has inaugurated the opening of three research centers in Shanghai, including an aero-engine engineering center, a structural integrity engineering center, and a Shanghai Supercomputer Center branch for AVIC Commercial Aircraft Engine. The development marks the substantive progresses made in large passenger aircraft engine related pre-study and key technology development. According to a plan, Chinese-made large aircraft engine "CJ-1000A" will complete its test mission as a demonstrator in 2016, and put into commercial operation in 2020. The three centers, together with an inclusive and foreign objects inhalation injury engineering center inaugurated last December, have shown China’s determination to master the key technologies of building quality commercial aircraft engines.

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