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Consul General Xu Erwen meets with U.S. Congressman Green

On Aug 21, 2012, Consul General Xu Erwen met with U.S. Congressman Green of Texas at the Consulate. Mr. Kevin Dancy, District Manager of Policy for the Congressman, President Rudley, Provost Ohia and other leaders from the Texas Southern University, Deputy Consul General Li Guixi and Consul Yan Guohua from the Chinese Consulate were present.

Consul General Xu applauded Congressman Green for his longtime support of China-U.S. relations and China-U.S. educational cooperation. Consul General Xu expressed that China-U.S. relationship was one of the most important, most dynamic and most promising bilateral relationships in today's world. The two countries had wide common interest and vast cooperation potential in the areas of politics, economy and trade, culture, education, etc. The exchanges between China and Texas were getting closer and closer, especially in areas of trade, investment and education. She looked forward to Congressman Green's continued support to the healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations.

Congressman Green agreed with Consul General Xu's comments on China-U.S. relations, and expressed that the educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation serves as important bridges to enhance the mutual trust and mutual understanding between China and U.S. He was glad to learn the first Confucius Institute in Houston will be set up in his alma mater, the Texas Southern University. He looked forward to joining hands with Consul General Xu to promote the friendly cooperative relations between China and U.S.

President Rudley briefed on the cooperation between the Texas Southern University and the Beijing Jiaotong University on the establishment of Confucius Institute.

The two sides also exchanged views on other issues of common interest.

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