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Consul General Zhang Wrote Congress Members On Nominating Li Hongzhi As Candidate For The Nobel Peace Prize

Consul General Zhang Chunxiang recently wrote letters to related American Congress members on nominating Li Hongzhi, founder of the Falun Gong cult in China, as candidate for the Nobel peace Prize of 2001.

The Consul General said in the letters that it is a well-known fact that Li Hongzhi and his cult fabricate sophistries and heresies, trumpet suicide for the so-called "Completion," and brainwashed his practitioners, who set themselves ablaze, slaughter innocent people and left behind many family tragedies. The Falun Gong practitioners' self-burning at Tian'anmen Square and some other places in Beijing recently are part of the dreadful consequences of the evil nature of Falun Gong cult. The cult has destroyed people's lives, trampled on human rights, and jeopardized social order. To nominate an evil person who organizes and propagandizes cult for the peace prize obviously runs counter against the will of Mr. Nobel, profanes the Nobel Peace Prize and dupes all those in pursuit of justice and peace. The Chinese Government and people are therefore strongly opposed to the nomination and to any use of the Nobel Peace Prize to achieve ulterior political motives.

He pointed out that after over 20 years of reform and opening-up, sea changes have taken place in China. Great improvements have been made in state capacity, people抯 living standards and legal construction. The Chinese people are now enjoying great freedom of speech, association, and religion. Yet, China is a relatively poor developing country with vast territory and a big population of nearly 1.3 billion. The country still has a long way to go to realize modernization. It follows the wishes of the people that the Chinese government cracks down on the Falun Gong cult to maintain stability and unity of the country.

He also said that the difference in history and culture may lead to the difference in thinking between the East and West. Although disparity may occur in concepts on one thing, we should strengthen exchange and communication to reach understanding and reduce disparity. Denouncement, calumny, and slanders can抰 do. He suggested that the Congress members and American friends find some time to visit China, seeing what is happening in the country and to the people. He expressed his confidence that by talking with the ordinary Chinese, people here in the U.S. may know the country better and eventually find the right solution for the question that why the Falun Gong cult should be cracked down according to law and why the Chinese people value social order and stability so much.

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