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Consul General Gao Yanping Attends the Bon Voyage Open House to Bid Farewell to Houston's Green Ambassadors for Their Visit to China

On July 17, Consul General Gao Yanping attended the Bon Voyage Open House to bid farewell to Houston's Green Ambassadors for their trip to China. Deputy Consul General Zhang Chuanbing, Consul Chu Kaimin, US Congressman Al Green, Texas State Representative Scott Hochberg, Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Chairman of the International Trade and Development Council Peter Brown and members of the Green Ambassador delegation as well as representatives from all walks of life were also present.

Consul General Gao first congratulated the ten high school students for being designated as Houston's Green Ambassadors by Mayor Parker. She briefly introduced the latest development of China-US relations, China's achievement on energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development as well as Shanghai World Expo's concept of green environment. Consul General Gao emphasized that environmental issues need global cooperation and as the largest developing country and the largest developed country, China and US should step up their communication and cooperation. The trip of Green Ambassadors to China will promote the friendly exchange and dialog between the youth of China and the US, therefore enhancing the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of the two Countries. At last, Consul General Gao wished Green Ambassadors' trip to China successful and fruitful.

US Congressman Al Green, other guests and representatives of high school students all spoke highly of Green Ambassadors' commitment and actions to promote environmental protection, emphasized the importance of environmental protection as to the sustainable development of our human race. They also expressed that China-US cooperation is critical to the future of the world and they hoped Green Ambassadors' visit to China and their attending "Houston Day" in the Shanghai World Expo will promote exchange and cooperation between China and the US in environmental protection and all other fields.

Consul General Gao, together with US Congressman Al Green, presented a member of the Green Ambassadors with the team T-shirt in front of which it stated "The Future is in Our Hands".

This visit to China is initiated by an environmental organization named Green Team America. The delegation will visit Beijing and Shanghai. They will also pay a visit to green energy and environmental protection projects in China and meet with local high school students. On August 2, the delegation will attend "Houston Day" in USA Pavilion of Shanghai Expo.

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