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Consul General Gao Yanping Donates Books to the Library of Chinese Civic Center on Behalf of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China

On July 10, Consul General Gao attended the book donation ceremony held in Chinese Civic Center, donating nearly a thousand Chinese books to Bao Shan Jing Library on behalf of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. Deputy Consul General Zhang Chuanbing, Consul Chu Kaimin and more than 70 representatives from around 20 Chinese communities, Chinese media and readers were present.

Consul General Gao Addresses the Audience

In her address, Consul General Gao said that with more than 5000 years of history and remarkable culture, the Chinese nation has inherited vast cultural treasures. Respect for knowledge, respect for reading are traditional Chinese values. As overseas Chinese root in Chinese civilization, reading forms an important part of their spiritual life. The motherland cares greatly about the needs of overseas Chinese to learn and inherit our culture and it has donated books, audio and video materials to our Chinese community for many times. Overseas Chinese people, through their reading, enriched their cultural life and enhanced their understanding of the history, culture and development of the motherland.

Head of Chinese Civic Center Chen Ke  Director of Bao Shan Jing Library Guo Yuxiang 

Consul General Gao spoke highly of Chinese organizations in Houston and the library of Chinese Civic Center in their effort to spread Chinese culture, to cater to the needs of overseas Chinese people. She hoped overseas Chinese people could continue to promote harmony and prosperity in the Chinese community, to contribute to the peace and development of cross-Taiwan Strait relations and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and American people.

Reader Zhang Tianrun Reader Yu Zhao Reader Li Suhang

The head of Chinese Civic Center Chen Ke, director of the Library Guo Yuxiang, representatives of local readers and Chinese school students all expressed their gratitude for the motherland for caring and supporting overseas Chinese people. They also committed themselves to help the development of China and the China-US relations.

Consul General Gao with Staff of Chinese Civic Center

There are nearly one thousand books donated to Jin Baoshan Library, covering vast areas including culture, history, economy, travelling and living. With great content and practicality, they are very popular among overseas Chinese people.

Consul General Gao Visiting the Library Consul General Gao Visiting
Senior Citizen Service Center
Consul General Gao Visiting
Wang Xinsheng Art School

After the book donation ceremony, Consul General Gao, accompanied by the head of Chinese Civic Center, visited Bao Shan Jing Library, Shaolin Kungfu Acadamy, Jiajin Ji Music School, Wang Xinsheng Art School, Senior Citizen Service Center and Fun's Cantonese Opera Academy.

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