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"Taiwan independence theory of law" equals to playing with fire

"Taiwan independence theory of law" equals to playing with fire

For a period of time, there has been a so-called saying "soft coup" and some say the "soft coup" is only a "voting language" on purpose, which is a matter between the political parties within the Taiwan island". The writer does not want to make comments on it. However according to the writer's observation, the "Taiwan independence theory of law", which Chen Shui-bian" is now up to, is somewhat like "soft coup d'etat".

What is "Taiwan independence theory of law"? This "Taiwan independence" is also known as "gradual independence" or "curve independence". Chen Shui-bian once made a quite exalted figure of speech, saying, "I made my Japanese dog run with me and it did not run straight forward. It was waiting for me at the destination where I arrived at later". That is what Chen Shui-bian said in front of some "Taiwan separatists" with the dog's running as a metaphor. Chen also told them, "So long as you have confidence in me our dream will be realized". That is a figurative confession on "Taiwan independence theory of law", "gradual Taiwan independence" or "curve independence".

Ii is known to all that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. It is also true when looking from the angles of history, geography, law, nationality, culture and consanguinity. The Japanese militarists had occupied Taiwan for 50 years. After the victory of the war against the Japanese aggression in 1945 Taiwan was returned to the motherland according to international law and agreement. Kuomintang was defeated and escaped to Taiwan in 1949 during the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. The Kuomintang had been maintained a long-term anti-Communist regime and did not change the basic nature that Taiwan belongs to China. But today Chen Shui-bian has got fancy ideas into his head and is attempting to get his "constitutional reform" of "one side one country" legalized so as to make the navel cord of legal principle cut off thoroughly under the unchanged shell of "the government of the Republic of China". What it is if not the "Taiwan independence theory of law"? Chen Shui-bian is attempting to use "constitutional revision" or "making a new constitution" to get "peaceful Taiwan independence" and change its regime. What it is if not a "soft coup"?

Chen Shui-bian's attempts are getting more obvious and in haste. In a series of speeches made by him from the May 20 inaugural speech, the double 10 speech in October and the speeches in November 10 and 27, he clearly announced that he will have framed a new constitution before 2008, which he said is "his promise and historical mission". He claims the sovereignty of Taiwan belongs to 23 million people of Taiwan", and curses some people in the island by saying "they have mistaken enemy state as motherland", threatening if the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wins majority in election by the end of the year, he will apply for the UN in the "name of Taiwan" and even threatens the Chinese mainland by saying if you "have too much pressure on us, we will refer "one country two systems", "one China" and 92 consensus to referendum. How intemperate and rampant he is!

All the reactionaries have a common law and feature, that is they have always misestimated situation, overestimated their own strength, and underestimated the strength of the broad masses. Chen Shui-bian is now blinded by inordinate ambition and gets dizzy with success. But actually he is making accumulation and getting ready for his final and thorough failure.

Not long ago when Chinese President Hu Jintao met with US President George W. Bush at APEC leaders' summit he reminded Taiwan authorities of that it has pressed ahead with "Taiwan independence theory of law" and also directly pointed out, "'Taiwan independence' will ruin the peace across the Straits". From this we can see the seriousness of the issue. The Taiwan Affairs Office and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the State Council were authorized to issue a statement on May 17, which said clearly that the Chinese people is neither afraid of ghosts nor evils and will safeguard their national sovereignty and territorial integrity regardless of any price and have full confidence and ability to smash all schemes attempting to split the motherland including "Taiwan independence theory of law".

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