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Yearbook on diplomacy in 2003 launched


A yearbook on China's diplomacy and the international situation in 2003 was launched Monday in Beijing.

The book, called China's Foreign Affairs (2004 Edition), is compiled by the Chinese Foreign Ministry with a purpose to make clear the Chinese government's foreign policy and its views on theinternational situation, so as to help Chinese and foreign readerships understand China's foreign affairs.

Since its first publication in 1987, the book has been published on an annual basis both for Chinese and foreign readers.This year, to enable more overseas readers to acquire understanding of China's foreign policy, the 2004 Edition has, forthe first time, a full translated text in English.

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing attended the launching ceremony. Assistant Foreign Minister Li Hui said in his speech that the guiding principles of China's foreign policy is to maintain world peace and promote common development, and to put people first and work for their benefit.

He said facing the complex international situation and neighboring environment, the Chinese government unswervingly upholds the independent foreign policy of peace, and actively engages in international cooperation. China has thus won more understanding, trust, respect and support from the international community, which provides a favorable external environment for China's efforts in building a well-off society.

Looking into the future, he acknowledged, an important mission of China's diplomacy is to deepen the friendship between China andthe rest of the world and increase their understanding of China, and expand the mutually beneficial cooperation.

"To this end, China's Foreign Affairs plays a unique role," he said.

More than 300 people, including foreign diplomatic envoys, journalists and Chinese government officials, attended the launching ceremony.

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