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Consul General Gao Yanping Meets With CEO of Houston International Festival
 On September 2, Consul General Gao Yanping met with Mr. James Austin,CEO of Houston International Festival in Chinese Consulate General office building, Consul Cai Lian and  Ms. Tracy Golden, Marketing Director of Houston International Festival were present.

Mr. Austin said, the preparation work for 2011 Houston International Festival focusing on the Silk Road is going on smoothly. China's rapid development, long history and profound culture inspires and enriches the Festival. Mr. Austin appreciated the relevant departments of Chinese government, especially Chinese Consulate General in Houston for their support to the Festival. 


Consul General Gao said, the steady and healthy development of China-US relations, the increasing exchanges and cooperation between China and the U.S. in all fields and Houston Mayor Annis Parker's recent successful visit to China brought a favorable atomsphere for Houston International Festival. Chinese Consulate General in Houston will coordinate with Chinese relevant departments to provide necessary assistance for the Festival and will encourage Chinese communities to participate in the Festival. Consul General Gao wished the Festival a great success.

Consul General Gao and Mr. Austin also exchanged views on other issues of common interest.

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