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Consul General Gao Yanping Meets With CEO of Houston International Festival
 On July 22nd, Consul General Gao Yanping met with James Austin,Ph.D., CEO of Houston International Festival, Consul Cai Lian was present.

James said, as an annual international cultural event in Houstion area, Houston International Festival attaches great importance to the development of friendly cooperation with China. With the support of Chinese Consulate General, Houston International Fetivals featuring China in 1997 and 2007 were successfully held. James  expected Chinese Consulate General to continue to support 2011 Houston International Festival which will feature Silk Road. 


Consul General Gao Yanping said, Silk Road originated in China and played an important historic role in the civilization exchanges bewteen the East and the West. Chinese side values economic, cultural and personel exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American peoples. Chinese Consulate General will coordinate Chinese authorities concerned with necessary assistance for the Festival and will encourage Chinese community to participate in the Festival. Consul General Gao wished 2011 Houston International Festival a success.

Consul General Gao and James also exchanged views on other issues of common interest.

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