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Consul General Gao Yanping Hosted Reception "Bravo, Shenzhen and Houston"
 On November 1, 2009, Consul General Gao Yanping hosted a reception at her residence, in honor of the success of the 
  premier "The Legend of Yin & Yang", the collaborated program by the sister cities of Shenzhen and Houston. Madam Wanda 
  Adams, Houston City Council Member, the delegation headed by Mr. Li Hua'nan, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Standing
  Committee of Shenzhan People's Congress, Houston City officials, the staff of the musical and guests from media were 

Gao mentioned in her address that Shenzhen and Houston established sister city relationship in 1986.  This has enhanced the exchange and cooperation in all the fields between the two cities. The production of the musical "The Legend of Yin & Yang" was successful at the Morris Cultural Arts Center of the Houston Baptist University, which highly celebrated the 30th Anniversary of China-US Diplomatic Relationship. By quoting a Chinese saying "More visits make relatives closer", Gao extended her wish that the two sister cities have closer and more fruitful communications and cooperation in various fields in the future. 

"The production of The Legend of Yin & Yang is a wonderful fusion of the arts of our two cities", said Madam Wanda Adams. She expressed her appreciation for the support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government and awarded Mr. Li Hua'nan the Certificate of "Honorary Citizen of Houston" issued by White Bill, the Mayor of Houston, to acknowledge his contribution to the relationship of the two sister cities. 


Mr. Li Hua'nan said that the exchange and cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, technology, education and sports benefit peoples of the two cities. He gave a message that the same performance would be presented in the "Cultural Week of Shenzhen International Sister-cities" to be held in Shenzhen next Month. 


 "The Legend of Yin & Yang" is a creation of the Chinese and American artists. It is presented by Shenzhen-based YATE Acrobatic Troupe and Houston-based Wyldstyl Hip Hop Dance Troupe. The Chinese-English bilingual musical tells a romantic love story in a form of combined elements of American Broadway musicals, Hip Pop and Chinese acrobatics and martial arts.


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