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US congressmen table bill to support Festival of China


Several US congressmen have tabled a concurrent resolution of the US Senate and House of Representatives, supporting a month-long Festival of China in the US capital and calling for more efforts to promote understanding and cooperation between the two countries.

The bill, first tabled by Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Sept. 30 andthen submitted by Rep. Mark Kirk and Rep. Rick Larsen to the House on Oct. 7, said the Festival of China, an unprecedented culture event kicked off at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington on Oct. 1, "provides a unique opportunity for bilateral cooperation."

"The diverse array of cultural contributions made by Chinese artists based in China, the United States, and around the world benefit the entire international community," the bill said, addingthat the Kennedy Center, along with the Chinese Ministry of Culture, should be commended for promoting Chinese achievements inthe arts at the festival.

Noting that cultural events like the Festival of China help strengthen diplomatic, commercial and political cooperation between the United States and China, the bill said, "Additional efforts that promote cultural understanding between the United States and China should be encouraged."

The two countries should work to promote cultural, as well as scientific and educational, cooperation and continue to promote exchange programs, such as the Festival of China, as a vital tool for advancing mutual understanding and cooperation between the people of the two countries, the bill said.

The bill was co-sponsored by a number of US congressmen, including President Pro Tempore of the US Senate Ted Stevens, Sen.Daniel Inouye, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Jim Leach, Rep. Norman Dicks, Rep. Adam Smith and Rep. Geoff Davis.

The Festival of China, featuring 50 performances and exhibitions and more than 800 artists, has been described as the largest festival in the history of the Kennedy Center as well as "the largest celebration of Chinese performing arts in American history."

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